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Purchase Policies

All Data Fields Exporter Inc. products are available in electronic, downloadable form only. No materials are shipped. After the product is purchased, you receive an e-mail with the license number that fully enables the product to function indefinitely. 

Return Policy
All Data Fields Exporter products that have been activated are non-refundable.

Using the 100% Guarantee
All our products are guaranteed to work.
However, if you encounter a situation where the product does not work, we will do a free, 1-time conversion of your data from ACT! to .CSV. You have 30 Days from the date of purchase to provide us with the ACT! database for us to export.

To upload your database, just click on the link below:


and follow the isntructions provided to you. Once your data is received, it is converted and a link will be provided to you to download it.

Data Fields Exporter Inc. products are licensed to be used only by the user that purchased the license. Each license number is unique and Data Fields Exporter Inc. keeps track of all the licenses and each respective customer. Sharing of a license number is illegal and such practice will be prosecuted in a court of law.

Upgrade Policy
Unless stated otherwise, all customers receive free upgrades for 30 days after purchasing product.

Credit Card Policy
Data Fields Exporter Inc. processes all credit cards on the day of receipt. All cards are charged in U.S. dollars.

Money Order and Check Policy
Data Fields Exporter Inc. accepts both money orders and checks in U.S. denomination only. Wire transfers incur an additional $25.00 processing fee.

Licensing Policies
Saving your license

Consider the confirmation email sent to you when you purchased our products like money. Print the confirmation email and put it in a safe place. In case you lose your hard drive or you have to re-install our software, the license tracking or order number are the most important things for you to re-register your software.

All our products are licensed for a single user on a single computer.  Please read the license agreement provided with your product.

All our evaluation products are the same as the permanent products. When the correct license is entered, the product then becomes enabled and can be used without the evaluation restrictions.

All license are non-transferable and can only be used by the licensee at the company where it was purchased. You may not activate a license and use it on multiple, different companies.

Activating your product via Internet License Activation

All our other products use an Activation Key methodology. Enter the key on the Registration->Internet License Activation box and the product is then enabled via our license server. Upon receipt of your license number, you must follow the following steps to activate your product:

  1. Click on Registration->Internet License Activation  and enter your license number from your purchase. This has to be done from the computer where you want to activate the product. You need to be connected to the internet in order to activate the license. Otherwise, follow the manual license procedure.
  2. The license is then activated on your machine.

High Security Firewall Environments
In some cases, certain firewalls will not allow the registration to occur with our license server. To activate your product manually, click on the Registration->Email License Activation in your product and instructions are then sent for the activation of your product.

Activating your product via Email

If Internet License Activation is not possible, the other avenue is Email License Activation.

  1. Click on Registration->Email License Activation and enter your license number from your purchase and details to where we should send you the activation instructions. This has to be done from the computer where you want to activate the product.
  2. Upon receipt of your email request, an email is sent to you with instructions on how to activate the product. Make sure that you allow emails from datafieldsexporter.com to be delivered to your inbox.

Issues with your license

Moving a License.  You may move your license from 1 PC to another once/year. When the software is installed on the new PC, perform a Registration->Email License Activation and enter your data including a valid license number. The activation instructions are then sent to you via email..

Computer Crash. In case of a computer crash or reformat, to re-activate your license use the Registration->Email License Activation procedure.  When the software is installed, perform a Registration->Email License Activation and enter your data including a valid license number and the cause of the re-activation. The activation instructions are then sent to you via email.

Lost License. Contact the store/eCommerce site that sold you the product to obtain a copy of your license. They have all your data on file.


Privacy Policies

Data Fields Exporter Inc. is the only owner of the information obtained in this web site. Our policy is not to sell, share, or rent our user information.

Online Purchases
All our online purchases are handled by an outside company. We do not keep any credit card information from our customer base. Any credit card issues must be dealt with the eCommerce provider chosen to process that credit card.

Links and references.
We are not responsible for the privacy policies of sites that we link with. Please read the site's privacy policy.

We periodically send out newsletters. If you have provided us with your email, you will receive the newsletter. Instructions to unsubscribe are included in the newsletter.

Trial Downloads
All our products may be downloaded and tried before you purchase.

Limitation of Liability
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Data Fields Exporter Inc. be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the software products or the failure to provide support services.