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Single Click export!
Simple, Fast, and Straight Forward export of data to .csv compliant files!

Download Data Fields Exporter for ACT! 2007 and beyond...

123 Data Fields Exporter for ACT!  exports all the major tables in ACT! into separate Comma Separated Value (CSV) files to be imported into other programs. In addition, it does the following:
  • ACT! Versions Supported: ACT: 2007 and beyond
  • Tables Exported:
    • Activities
    • Contacts
    • Companies
    • Histories
    • Notes
    • Opportunities
    • Groups and Subgroups
    • Secondary Contacts 
  • Contacts Table Export: 5 additional fields are created:
    • GroupMembershipGenerated: a list of groups that the contact belongs to.
    • ID: The contact ID
    • NotesHistoryGenerated: the list of notes and history for the contact.
    • SalesOpportunitiesGenerated: the list of sales opportunities for the contact
    • SecondaryContactsGenerated: the list of secondary contacts for the contact
  •  Activities/Companies/Groups/History/Notes/Opportunities/Secondary Tables:
    • All the tables have the data in them as well as the pointers to the contacts related to them.
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*** 100% Guaranteed!!! ***